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For the purposes of issuing a permit for transport of human remains to the Republic of Serbia (SPROVODNICA in Serbian), the applicants should fill in the relevant Form and submit the following documents:
- Valid passport of the Republic of Serbia of the deceased;
- Original Death Certificate with an Apostille affixed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Legalization Unit). In order to make a record of a death in the Vital Statistics in Serbia, a Death Certificate has to be translated in Serbian. The translation has to be authenticated either by the Embassy or by an authorized sworn-in-court interpreter in Serbia;
- Hospital certificate citing the cause of death;
- Funeral Home’s certificate that the deceased has been placed in a Zink box or that the body has been cremated;
- Funeral Home’s certificate that the deceased’s body has been embalmed;
- Certificate of the Public Communal Company (JKP) that a burial place has been provided in Serbia (in case the deceased is not a Serbian national).

If a deceased person has not been a holder of a valid Serbian passport, it is necessary to submit his/her proof of citizenship (not older than six months) or a valid ID card.

Special costs for the issuance of a permit.

The same documents shall be required for the issuance of a permit in case of transit through the territory of the Republic of Serbia (certificate on burial place in Serbia for foreign nationals shall not be required).


Before you contact the Embassy to obtain documents you need from Serbia, you are well advised to check beforehand the useful addresses.

The Embassy may obtain the following documents on your behalf from the Republic of Serbia.

• Birth Certificate (Form)
• Marriage Certificate (Form)
• Death Certificate (Form)
• Proof of Citizenship (Form)


• Applications should be accompanies by photocopies of all available documents from the Republic of Serbia. It should be noted that the applications to obtain excerpts or certificates from the relevant authority should include precise information on the region and municipality so that the application can be forwarded to the proper authority in Serbia. The Embassy shall not be responsible for the applicant’s failure to provide the required information. It is advisable to attach copies of old excerpts or certificates, if available.
• If the application is sent by mail, it is necessary to enclose a pre-addressed envelope with pre-paid postage.
• Consular tax






The required documents that must be presented to the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in order to issue a LAISSES - PASSER FOR THE DECEASED WHO WILL BE BURIED IN SERBIA are:

1. A completed and signed application form obtained from a Serbian Embassy for laisses – passer which must be submitted by a member of the decedent immediate family
2. valid Serbian passport of a deceased.
3. Original Certificate of Death. We recommend to affix it with an Apostille seal obtained at
The Legalisation Office of the Foreign Office
Without an Apostille seal, death cannot be registered in Serbia’s register books,
4. Burial  – transit permit issued by the Coroner.
5. Statement from the coroner, medical examiner or health department that the deceased did not die due to a contagious disease. The cause of death must be written in Latin.
6. Affidavit from the funeral home that the body of deceased was properly encased and that the casket contains only human remains. Embalming is required by international airline shipment.
7.  Itinerary  (flight details, registration number for motor vehicle)
8. A proof of burial place, if the deceased was not a Serbian citizen. 
9. Docket Fee