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To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Dr. Elsie Inglis,  Mrs. Zvezdana Popovic, a prominent member of Serbian diaspora delivered a lecture in the North Kensington library on 28 February 2017, entitled “Deeds not words: A Story of Dr. Elsie Inglis”. With this lecture, the Embassy of Serbia in London officially opened the program of marking 180th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Serbia and UK. In addressing the audience, Ambassador Dr. Ognjen Pribicevic emphasized that Serbia shall be forever grateful to Dr. Elsie Inglis and other British doctors and nurses for their selfless efforts and sacrifice in the First World War. In her lecture, Mrs. Popovic pointed out that Dr. Inglis initiated the establishment of Scottish Women’s Hospitals, an organization under whose auspices hospitals in France, Belgium and Serbia have been put up. In addition to helping the wounded Serbian soldiers in Kragujevac, Nis, Valjevo, Krusevac as well as on the island of Corfu and the Salonica Front, Dr. Inglis has been collecting humanitarian assistance throughout Great Britain to provide for the necessary care for the wounded and operation of hospitals. In her last mission, Dr. Inglis accompanied Serbian volunteers on the Russian front. Shortly before her death, on 26 November 1917, already very sick herself, Dr. Inglis wrote her last letter pleading that transport and hospitals for Serbs be provided. In addition to representatives of Serbian diaspora and the Serbian Orthodox Church, the lecture was also attended by Sir John Randall, former UK Parliament MP.