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Having successfully connected British company Flexitog with a Serbian company Yumco from Vranje, the Embassy of Serbia found another investor in the United Kingdom. Since mid-last year, the Embassy of Serbia organized several meetings with the management of International Water Solutions company.
Following discussions in the Embassy of Serbia which included the president of the Municipality of Ćuprija Ninoslav Erić, the IWS announced its intention to invest in the construction of a chemical plant in this municipality for manufacturing water purification agents. Under the current plan, 70 per cent of the products manufactured there would be exported to the countries where IWS is already present and has a developed distribution network, primarily in the countries of Southeastern Europe, Russian Federation, Italy and UAE. In view of the fact that IWS has a successful cooperation with major British agricultural companies, the second phase of the project stipulates a joint investment with one of these companies in the construction of a large poultry farm and meat processing plant.